At the moment, for financial reasons I’ve been unable to make my work into a paperback. This will change soon. We’ve encountered a challenge that we are in the process of resolving. We rent out an apartment (my previous home before Sarah and I married and merged our belongings), and our tenants have recently moved out, leaving the place in a bit of a mess. Repairs and improvements being a priority, we have had to walk a financial tightrope while paying a hefty mortgage with no rental income – that’s in addition to the mortgage on our own home – while also paying for the work to be done to the property. It’s a temporary blip, and I expect to be able to move on with the book soon. I’ve also approached publishers to see if any of them would take on my book and bear the cost themselves. It’s a long shot for an unproven author like me, but nothing ventured, eh?

Last week I was in touch with a trainee nurse on Twitter. She informed me that excerpts from my book were read out during a lecture at her university, in the geographical area that I had recently targeted! I was shocked and flattered (probably in equal measures). After picking myself back up off the floor, I thanked her for telling me this. She said that it was received with great interest and the lecture room fell silent. She also said that she would try to promote the book for me.

Although I’m confident that the book would be of interest to a huge number of people, this conversation has served to reinforce the faith that I have in my product. My current goal is to spread my name and book title as widely as possible so that when I go in for the big marketing kill, many people will have already heard about it. If it was used in a university lecture, the lecturer must have discussed it with others beforehand and since. The students must have talked about it amongst themselves. My Twitter tactic has clearly worked. As yet, it has not yet been reflected in sales, but the seed has been planted. I need to forge my way forward in the same direction and plant more seeds.


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