Paperback version under construction

While working tirelessly (that sounds like the right word but I’m sure I remember getting tired once or twice) on our renovation project, I’ve also tried to keep things moving on the book front. Things have stepped up a little, and I’ve been approached by a couple of interested parties. I’ve been asked to write an article for an online magazine. It is a new venture, with volunteer contributors, focussing on positive stories as an alternative to all the negativity we hear about in the media. It is called CVH 1st Class Group, and is the inspiration of editor Christina Howard. She has taken an interest in our story and is keen on helping us to share it. It’s been included in the 3rd edition which was published in June this year and can be found at

After this contribution, she has asked if I’d like to write a regular monthly column for her. Me? A columnist? That’s very important-sounding. “What would you like me to write about?” I asked. “Anything you like,” she said. I’ll be taking her up on the offer.

I’ve also been increasing my Twitter followers. It’s not been reflected in e-book sales, but I’m okay with that. This is all about sowing seeds. As a direct result of this, one of the seeds has germinated in the shape of a journalist from a local newspaper wanting my telephone number. This is an exciting development, as once the local press get hold of it, it has the potential to spread like wildfire around the country. Ours is not a little story; it has an impact on everyone who reads it or reads about it.

This, however, presents a potential problem. You see, I don’t want to peak too soon as far as publicity is concerned. Let’s just suppose that the local media get hold of the story, make a big deal of it, then the national press become involved, then the radio stations (yes, I’m prepared to do interviews on air) and then TV and so on. All would be fantastic publicity, but at this moment in time I don’t even have a paperback version. It could be a golden opportunity wasted. I’m working on this using CreateSpace with Amazon. This is a facility whereby you can publish anything you wish, and Amazon will produce and supply it on demand. It’s a bit tricky setting it all up, and I’m now working on the cover. I’ve also today downloaded an application form for an ISBN number. This is a requirement for a physical book, although not so for an e-book. ISBN numbers are sold in minimum batches of ten @ £144 per batch.

More and more steps towards the ultimate goal. I’m getting there slowly.


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