The beautiful first copy of my book is now looking a little dog-eared as a result of my attempts to rid it of all formatting (and other) issues that I’ve needed to address. I’m slowly but surely reaching the final, finished product. In my endeavours I have learned quite a few things about Microsoft Word and some of the facilities it offers. I’ve also learned that formatting an e-book is a completely different game to formatting a proper hard copy book.

It must be completed by the time Sarah and I go on our Caribbean holiday at the end of this month. When we go away I want to be in a position where I have nothing to do other than book promotion.

On the personal, health side of things, Sarah has had the cancer all-clear again, and she has lost two and a half stones in weight since the beginning of this year. Now, when I give her a hug I can touch my elbows. I have had an article published on a Florida website called HealthiVibe – I’ll post a link later, but right now I have to sign off. SOOO many things to do.

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