Back to business again…

Having had a fool around with blogs on my Caribbean holiday, it’s now time to get back to serious business – well, at least, as serious as I can be. I just about managed to get my book I’M NEVER ILL (A journey through brain surgery and beyond…) published as a paperback a few days before we departed from Manchester Airport on the 30th July. I didn’t get chance to work on publicity in the short time available, so I’ve put it on hold until now. The e-book version has been selling in dribs and drabs, but now is the time to get the real thing off the ground.

A few friends have bought copies of the paperback, which is available on Amazon. I always feel that when they do this they are doing me a favour. But once they have read it, their reaction always suggests that the favour has been returned many times over. I get responses like, “I couldn’t put it down, even though I knew what happened.” My task is now not to produce something that I know people will enjoy, but to get people to understand that it is worth buying in the first place. I have ordered a batch of 40 from Amazon (the suppliers) at my author’s rate of around £3 per copy, which is scheduled to arrive around the 2nd September. The plan is to sell half of them privately (the retail price is £7.99), and send the rest off to places that could give me a review, such as newspapers. I would dearly love to get a good review from The Guardian. I will also contact local and national radio/TV, making myself available for any interviews. One hurdle will be getting time off work for these things as I also have a day job. I don’t go into much detail about that too often, but I’m a Civil Servant. Tomorrow will be my first day back – in Cheltenham for a couple of days, but it’s nothing to do with MI5!!!

It would be great to get the books in the shops ready for Christmas. Ok I realise that it’s all a little ambitious, but what’s wrong with that, eh?

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