A year on and a date with the BBC

It’s nearly a year since The Big Click – the moment when Sarah and I simultaneously pressed the “send” button to publish our e-book I’M NEVER ILL. Although she was unaware of it at the time, I know that when I counted down, “One, two, three… GO!!!”, Sarah managed to press the “Enter” key a split second before me. So, although I spent more than two years writing it, she actually published it. It can therefore be legitimately claimed as a joint project – so she claims.

That night I barely slept. Although I felt that I had produced something readable for people, the sudden exposure to the world filled me with doubt and apprehension. My concerns were unfounded, because as the feedback and reviews came in, I became aware that readers couldn’t put it down, all reviews being 5* apart from one 4*. The audience response far exceeded my expectations at the time. But, when I look back upon the process of writing the book, I made every sentence count. Any paragraph, sentence or word was ruthlessly removed in order to leave only relevant and (in my opinion) interesting text. I tried to make it as pure and waffle-free as possible.

The reviews, however, have not been reflected in sales. Only around 200 copies have been sold, but things are really beginning to liven up. I have been invited to the BBC Radio Wales studios in Cardiff for a live chat on air with a well-known presenter. This is now a huge opportunity. I would like to use it, of course, to help book sales. But I am also aware that, although Sarah’s breast cancer survival story only takes up the latter 10% of the book (it was just something that happened during the writing process), it is possibly the part of the book that has most interest for the general public. Not only that, I’d like to get across the idea of checking for lumps early in order to stop the disease from spreading and destroying lives.

I tend not to communicate verbally as well as I do in writing, as I am not always quick to think on the spot. I will therefore have to spend some time preparing ideas to maximise the impact. I know that if this interview goes well, there could be interest from other radio stations and, who knows, possibly TV. Either way, I am confident that I have a great product to sell and an immense story to share.

I, or Sarah(!), published I’M NEVER ILL (the e-book version) on  February 14th 2015. The radio interview will be taking place a week after its first anniversary. I hope to do our story justice.

Please visit our website: http://www.markdpritchard.co.uk


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