Never underestimate the power of patience.

I’M NEVER ILL (A journey through brain surgery and beyond…) by Mark D Pritchard

I’ve been a little lazy with my book publishing blog of late. I suppose it’s the kind of thing that can happen when you start something with the best of intentions that continues over a long period of time – a bit like many New Year’s resolutions. But behind the silence, I live and breathe book promoting ideas and I am constantly looking for different ways to enlarge my online footprint. I am driven by the kind, wise words of an author who once told me that I need to get people talking about the book.  Since my interview on Radio Wales, sales have continued to limp along in the usual manner, but as always, the reviews that come in from time to time are spectacularly complimentary, using superlative statements such as:

The most inspirational book I’ve ever read. I literally could not put it down.

That’ll do for me. I’m now going to stop saying things like, “I think I’ve done a good job, and that is reflected in people’s reviews” or, “It’s not for me to say that it’s a good book, but…” I’m going to cut out the modesty and become a real salesperson and treat my creation as a seriously top line product. I am confident that I have created an amazing piece of literature that will change the way that you see your life. It’s what I set out to do, and I have achieved it. There you have it now – I have completely altered my stance and posture on the whole thing. I am an incredibly patient man (more patient than many people would perceive is possible), and I will get this book out to the masses no matter how long it takes. For anyone who is unsure about forking out £7.99 for the paperback, the e-book edition is a dismissible £2.50 ($3.75 US). For anyone in the UK, by ordering direct from my website below, I’ll pay postage as it cuts out the middle man.

Every now and then, I mention the fact that it has been used as lecture material in a university in the south of England, but I didn’t want to pester the person who told me this to find out all the details. I have now found out the name of the university and the lecturer and I’ve dispatched a copy to her, asking for advice on who I should contact to promote it within nursing education. My “contact”, a now newly-qualified nurse who attended the aforementioned lecture has told me, “The patient perspective is key and a focus point of degree training now.” I will use this notion to my advantage, especially as my book contains details of my thoughts whilst emerging from a coma and during my brain operations whilst awake on the operating table. It is all quite a big deal really. No – it’s a very big deal!

I was also going to omit mentioning a huge international, online neurosurgical conference that I participated in recently. But in the name of promoting this amazing product that has the potential to change people’s lives for the better, why should I? They wanted to hear about my perspective on neurosurgery. They are so very interested in the patient’s views these days. Again, it has resulted in more seeds being sown and an increase in the size of my online footprint. I will continue in this vein and keep persevering whilst flying my own flag of determination. Here is the link to my contribution to the conference:

Never underestimate the power of patience.

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