Florida road trip – Day 9 (Our first taste of the Florida Keys)

The end of our amazing road trip is not yet upon us, but there is that feeling that it is soon to appear at the horizon. It is around this time that I begin to up the ante to make each moment count. We have great things ahead of us. Before we set out from the UK, Sarah booked us two nights at a hotel in Key West, the southern-most point of the US. Back in the hotel in Florida City after returning from a day at the beach, Sarah has just booked the next two nights (our last two nights) at a high-rise apartment overlooking the sea at Miami. That excites me. Both of our next two venues excite me, with the 100 mile or so drive over the Keys (a series of tropical islands joined by spectacular road bridges) and then back. I feel that the journey will be at least as enjoyable as the destinations. This is often the case for us. That, I presume, is why we’re road trippers.

There is not too much to write about today. We drove about 20 miles to Key Largo (the first of the Keys) and found a beach at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. We spent four or five hours here, swimming, snorkelling and sunning ourselves. We love to snorkel. The Caribbean doesn’t seem to be as teeming with tropical fish as does the Red Sea in our previous Egypt holidays, but nonetheless it is an experience that completely changes your perspective as the world around you takes on new texture and colour.

This evening will be a quiet, relaxing one. We have holidayed hard and, for me in particular, I need to recharge a little as I am in charge of driving. Sarah has the very important task of clothes (which encompasses numerous important organisational tasks – she tells me regularly), but it doesn’t matter too much if she falls asleep while packing the suitcase.

Bring on the final four days!

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