Florida road trip – Day 11 (a quiet day at Key West)

Today was quite a lazy day. When I say lazy, I suppose we busied ourselves, but we allowed our bodies to give in to the 40C heat and indulge in a two or three hour siesta in the afternoon. We didn’t use the car at all today – there’s little point in Key West – so we walked around the town, covering about 5 miles in the morning. We passed Ernest Hemmingway’s house. He was clearly busy as he had so many visitors, so we decided not to go in and use up any of his time.

After our afternoon sleep, we ate at Willie T’s restaurant again (a highly recommendable place to eat), and were able to get to Mallory Square in time for the sunset celebrations. While taking our sunset photos, Sarah saw a dolphin leap out of the water about 50 metres in front of us. I missed it, just catching the ripples after she’d excitedly pointed it out. We’ve returned to our chalet early, with nothing more to report. I suppose we can’t be bursting with news every day of our road trip.

Tomorrow will be our return to Miami in preparation for Thursday’s flight home. On the way, we are considering a quick visit to the Everglades for an air boat trip to get one final glimpse of the alligators and whatever wildlife comes to see us. But this will depend on how much time we have. In the meantime, an early night is in order. Road tripping takes its toll and we have another long drive tomorrow.

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