As I was about to drive away from home this morning to go shopping, I noticed a wasp bathing in the sun on my windscreen. I figured that he wouldn’t enjoy the six-mile journey in to Abergavenny on national speed limit roads, so my initial idea was to briefly put the windscreen wipers on to prevent him from being traumatised by the high speeds. I then had another idea. He probably wouldn’t enjoy being hit over the head with a rubber blade either, so instead I just drove away on my journey, fully expecting wind resistance to blow him away to safety.


Wasps have strong legs, you know. I once discovered this when one of them landed on my arm and I allowed it to walk around for a bit. The pressure from the grip of its legs against my skin was impressive from such a small creature. Now, on my windscreen, I had turned a corner and reached speeds of about 20mph in the semi-residential area close to my home, over speed humps and then onto the main A4042 into Abergavenny. As my speed increased to 30 and then 40mph, he barely budged. For a while, I reached, and maintained, 50mph for about a minute or so. His legs barely wavered. I was beginning to think that I’d encountered Superwasp. Once I reached 60mph, I noticed his spindly legs begin to buckle and cave in, swaying from side to side. After 30 seconds or so at this speed, I looked across and he was still there. I looked back down the road and then looked back at him again. He was gone.

He lasted much longer than I’d expected, it has to be said. I didn’t even think he’d get out of the cul-de-sac, let alone out of the village and onto the main road. I wonder what he’s doing now.

Let’s hear it for SUPERWASP!!!


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