“I’ll marry you on ONE condition…” she said.

Only a few weeks after I’d returned home from hospital following my brain haemorrhage, I composed a piece of music on my classical guitar. Sarah loved it so much that she would ask me to play it over and over again. “I’m going to do some ironing,” she’d say. “Could you play that piece again, please?” A year later, I proposed to her. She told me that she’d only marry me on one condition – that she could walk down the aisle to that very piece of music. One of Sarah’s relatives was a sound engineer at Rockfield Recording Studios, the one where Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded. He helped me record it on his home studio.

Our untitled wedding music

When we married in 2011, she did just that. The music has no title – I felt that it was better that way. It represents a part of our lives that could never be represented by words. You can read about this, and so much more, in my book I’M NEVER ILL (A journey through brain surgery and beyond…).

Please visit our website at http://www.markdpritchard.co.uk for information on reviews and how to purchase the book which is available as an e-book for only £1.99 and as a paperback for £7.99.


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