Nursing students and toothbrush holder

It’s not yet two years since my book I’M NEVER ILL (A journey through brain surgery and beyond…) was published. It was first available as an e-book in February 2015 and then six months later as a paperback. It’s hardly been a bestseller, but the journey so far has been one that I consider to be an extraordinary bonus. Everything, in fact, has been a bonus since my brain haemorrhage of 2009 and the ass-kicking that Sarah, my wife, gave to breast cancer in 2013. Our illnesses are arguably the best things that could have happened to us, having an overwhelmingly positive impact on our lives and driving us to live compulsively for the here and now. We have become 1950s-style dancers and American road trippers, while also holding down full-time jobs and promoting the book in between.

Without a publisher behind me as yet, it has been difficult to find and convince the readers who we know will enjoy and benefit from the book to actually pick it up. Although it has been received enthusiastically by readers from all walks of life who have given it mostly 5* reviews, one of the most promising areas of marketing progress (I use the word “marketing” loosely here, as it all happened by accident) is in the world of medical training. Having been used at Plymouth University in England as lecture material, it is now to be added to a reading list for nursing students at Edinburgh University in Scotland. The interest from the medical world is because of the “patient’s perspective” content of the book, which reveals things like emerging from a coma, having brain surgery while awake plus the general thoughts of a patient who was going through a pretty rough time.


It’s not all serious though. I can’t resist putting a humorous angle on things. Many readers have claimed that it made them both laugh and cry. I’m confident that I achieved what I set out to do and much more. I had no idea that it would be received quite as well as it has been so far. In order to successfully promote the book, I have been told that I need to get people talking about it. Twitter has been the best way of doing this. All of my TV and radio invitations have been as a result of people contacting me on Twitter, and the aforementioned university interests came from the same source. I’ll keep people aware of it as much as I can until it eventually takes off. I know that there are literally millions of people who will enjoy it – I just have to find them. The paperback remains at £7.99 on Amazon or direct from me if you live in the UK, but I have reduced the e-book to only £1.99 for the remainder of 2016. I know that the latter is a total bargain.


My latest campaign, bear in mind that I’m working completely on my own and swimming against the tide in a hugely competitive market, is revolving around a humorous 101 uses for my book once it has been read – such as a mouse mat or a toothbrush holder. These can be found on my Twitter page @markdpritchard and my Instagram account of the same name. I have also recently produced a book promotional video on YouTube :

I’ll persist with my campaigning as this book really needs to get out there, and I’m not one for quitting. I didn’t come back from the brink seven years ago only to sit back and waste the remainder of my life sitting in front of the TV.

For details about the book, visit my website Here you can find links to purchase the book, reviews, a FREE sample, radio, TV interviews and much more.