On a recent business trip to Newtown, Mid-Wales, I met up with my sister, Karen. I call her my vegan guru. She has been vegan for some years now, while I am just a four-month-old vegan beginner. I’m really enjoying my steps into the vegan world, but my experience at La Terrazza Italian Restaurant in Newtown, was by far my best vegan experience to date.

Karen arranged the evening. It was my birthday on that day, so it was her treat for me. She phoned in advance and asked if they serve vegan food. Paulo, the owner, met her request with great enthusiasm, telling her that he could make vegan versions of many of the items on the menu. Neither of us had been there before, but Paulo’s keenness over the phone sold the deal.

When we arrived, he greeted us almost with open arms. After being seated, he told us that he would get the menu if we wanted to see it, but he would like to offer an alternative. “How about you trust me to make something up just for you? If you don’t like, you don’t pay!” Again, his whole approach was irresistible, and there was just no other option but to go along with his suggestion.

He concocted a starter and a main course for us both which amounted to no less than a feast. So many things too numerous to mention, expertly cooked to perfection. We were served by his cousin, a delightful young Italian girl who had only been in our country for a few weeks and was here to learn English. I taught her the word “exquisite”. That was the word that best summed up our experience at La Terrazza Italian Restaurant, Newtown.


If you’re around the area, GO THERE! And when you see him, say, “Hey Paulo! What can you make up for us?”